cast-jenni JENNI SICARA: First appearance on page 1. A high school student who loves two things more than anything else: playing video games with her friends, and puzzles. So many puzzles.

cast-travo TRAVO LUKI: First appearance on page 48. The "cool-kid" of the 3, he's a sunglasses and leather jacket donning skateboarder and flashdancer extraordinaire. He often plays video games, and found a copy of the VerseCrack cart when he touched his dad's "science device". (If his dad isn't careful, his "science device" could land him 10-15 years in prefectural jail.)

cast-mora MORA-MINAE KAILI: First appearance on page 108. They're nice, kinda weird. Definitely the quiet one, but secretly a rap-enthusiast who is only quiet because their controlling mother told them that it's the polite thing to do: they really want to scream at people and break things.

cast-engi THE ENGINEER: First appearance on page 133. [REDACTED]

cast-gt THE ORGAN GRINDER: First appearance on page 130. [LIKEWISE]

cast-despoiler THE DESPOILER: First appearance on page 159. [WOW YES]