Check database log files

You sit down and look at an incline in the wall. A soft push and a keyboard flips, appearing on the wall incline. You start typing:

> Open database logs

The loading screen again, then some logs. Most are corrupted -- only three can be read.

The first one is a novel about the national hero's life, but only a part of it, then it offers places to purchase it. "Arrival" describes the Doubtless Darithi ship arriving at set coordinates - this is likely the name of the spaceship... that you are on?

You look around again. The stasis pod seems to be a giveaway, but it makes sense.

But the log says "us". Where are they?

You open the third one.

Anomalous readings were noted of the planet, as if it would not belong, but we also noted some signals coming. We will jump closer, but the crew needs to go into stasis. I will

And that is it. It ends there.

...You are on a spaceship now?