Try to access database

You get before the terminal.

"Can you connect to the database?"

"The requested database is inaccessible."


"Unable to reach."


"Can not explain, the requested database is inaccessible. We are experiencing difficulties."

This is weird, but you just ignore it. This electronic guide seems glitchy but it does say it is.

You decide to open the cabinet. Well, there's a minifridge here! Oh, only canned milk and... Huh. A small item. You are not sure you've seen such before. It's like a belt buckle. It has something on it, but oh well. You put it on and drink some of the milk; opening the can makes a small, hidden compartment open and pour some water on the cream, and then you can drink this... chunky cold mess. Maybe next time you should stir it up a bit. But hey, this is what happens. It gets something in you at least.

Good! Now what?