You seem to be fluffy and cute

...a pale teal-furred, thin, somewhat lean felin, with a reddish hair color. You are fluffy by felin standards, and your eyes are looking cute for you.

You also got a fast assessment on your clothing now. You have a tank top and some shorts on. They fit, but you are not quite sure if they are yours.

You look around in the room. The door seems to be enticing, and you walk a bit to regain your fine motor skills. Your mind races.

You are a felin. Your name is... uhhh... Fren. Yes, that is what you chose. Frenzel Maxbag, alias DJ Cthulhu Barrett! Try to fit that on a business card!

You suddenly feel a memory bubble up. Like a book with the title obscured. You remember that back home (where is it?) there was a culture of... a culture of treating life as a story.

This is your story. Someone tore out the pages from before. So you are a blank page now.

Fren will be a good enough name for now. It may not fit to the pages lost, but it is your new name.

Okay, but now what?


"Can I get a beer now?"

"Initial assessment complete. Your health does not allow a beer for now."

"Okay, just trying."

What should you do now? There seems to be nothing but the monitor, the door and the cabinet, aside from the stasis pod.

"How long does that repair take, again?"

"[UNDEFINED] hours."

"What needs fixing?"

"[ERROR 402]. This information is not available. The requested database is inaccessible."

You might need to think a little about what you should do...