Enter name

You think hard. "Katia Ripofflord" comes to mind, but then you dismiss it. It is not your name, albeit it somehow rings some bells and make you think vaguely of yo-yos and pineapples.

The next name coming in is "DJ Cthulhu". You are unsure about it, but it is not your name either. For starters, you are not sure this is a felin name. Still, if you start your own music career, it may work out.

Then you think of "George Barrett", but... This is not a felin name either. It sounds humiar. It might work out fine for you... You will consider it later.

"Kay-Kay Charune"... Hmm, no, but it feels familiar too. You actually feel some sort of appreciation for them...

"Fren" comes to mind. It's a fine name, but you feel like it fits someone more muscular than you. You look on yourself as much as you can, noticing that you are, for lack of a better term, a slim felin.

"Zel"... Zel... You like it. It might work out! It sounds pretty good.

"Zel" you say. The AI seems to record it, but you feel you need to add in something more. "At least I prefer Zel for now."

"Greetings, [Zel]. Currently we experience some technical difficulties, but if you wish, I can open the pod for you."

You feel a bit off. Were AIs always this strange? Or are you just...

The pod opens. You can see a room with soft carpeting and wood paneling, and then fall head-first into the carpet. With some groaning, you get up and uneasily stand on your legs.

"Some muscle atrophy is expected after long-term stasis. Please consider proper hydration and rest."

"Thanks, I'm fine."

You get up and look around. There is only one door and no windows. There is a cabinet bolted to the wall, plus the stasis pod. A monitor flickers to life and you can see the AI: a red-tinted image of a felin with a simple smile.

"Dear [Zel], please consider resting on the flooring while I attempt repairs."

You need to realise that Zel is supposedly your name.

"Um, mind if I change my name? I think 'Fren' fits me a bit better."

"Of course, [Fren]. Estimated finishing time is... [UNDEFINED] hours. Would you like a drink while you are waiting?"

While you wonder what is the maximum that you got to wait undefined long hours, a new name pops in your head: "Max". It sounds pretty OK... Maybe you just put aside having a name for a while? Your head starts to fill in more names now that you are out in the open and can breathe well. Somehow, you even think of "Bag". It sounds cool, but similar to that DJ name, maybe you just put it aside.

It does makes you giggle a little... But what to do now?