Mr Spinelli: explain the felin

You are Giorgio Spinelli, third of your name, a human trader, former colonial marine. You found yourself at ease among the stars and like trading with the felin. Gives you some time away from the wife, you know? You kid, you kid. You love Lorna. She wrote a giant book about the felin and you go to a felin border world where she was helping some settlers. It'd be good to be together again after a few months.

They are some of the most laid-back aliens you know. They got superficial resemblance to felines of Old Earth, but this is like saying they are like the ancient Greeks or Japanese or whoever lived in neon-lit cities and listened to pop-rock (you were never that good at history). They got a reverence for heroes, consider their lives a story and make the best roasted bacon burger this side of the Periphery!

Plus, they're really into Old Earth cultures. You never expected to get rid of those old posters, until this one kid came to your little store. Kid even haggled for a higher price for one, saying it is some awesome band or something. You are just happy someone finally bought that vintage thing.

The felin are mainly gender neutral -- you'd feel bad for not being able to tell the men from the ladies if they weren't just as bad at it -- and don't give a darn for who can wear what. They wear when they like, and you like it in 99% of the cases, but you draw the line at the garish sunglasses their young wear at night. That is a fad gone too far.

They are barely alike Old Earth cats, in that they got fur in many colors and styles, even things a regular feline would not, like spots and stripes mixed to a degree. Absolutely no petting without asking, unless you like being held at knifepoint. All felin got a knife and those who don't still got claws.

So, what else? They got very individualistic, working in small teams. While they have large cities, even the biggest is but a big park-filled town compared to those on Earth, but it is a very well made place. They use their space graciously and happily go for artistic displays over being too pragmatic.

And, again, they know how to party. They even got the disco on, after it stopped being cool back in 2451. It's like one giant party with people who would easily stab you if you are a jerk, but the moment you are not, you are the guest of honour!

Lorna says they also got some free love culture too. You don't quite care, being asexual, but that is how it is. You take a sip from the felin-made juice, and eat some canned bread as the ship prepares for hyperjump.

Life's good.