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NUS/VUE in Higan? 
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Post Re: NUS/VUE in Higan?
Lum wrote:
I sure hope N64 is tackled. Not looking forward to trying to fix my plugin hell. Between flicker, letterboxing, games that run too fast...
Even things like an opcode error.

N64 is being tackled NFL Blitz style with late hits by CEN64.

Fri 11 Jul 2014, 04:33:24
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Post Re: NUS/VUE in Higan?
I would love to see some VUE emulation in higan, in part because it's chips were not far from the SNES generation.

There are some significant holes in the documentation, but much digging and reverse engineering have been done.

Sun 20 Jul 2014, 21:22:25
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