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Posted on 20-06-11, 13:39

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Since: 01-21-20

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Well, hello there! It's been a while since I posted something. I was doing other stuff, but that doesn't matter.

I'm making this thread to post my progress on my own personal GBC modding project and tell about my personal experience doing this.
I will make updates based on the progress I've made, but it's not regular. Oversea shipping isn't pleasant when you're living in Europe.
So I make updates whenever I have something to post. Will this be my regular thread to post? Maybe, but I'l try doing it.

Maxane's Marvelous Modding Madventure (MMMM for short, you can call it M4 if you want) is something I have started doing because I wanna spend some time doing something in the COVID times. So I like spending this time in quarantine planning it out on what I need and what I have. I made an Excel spreadsheet for this project to make sure stuff goes in a good way and to determine costs. This spreadsheet can be found here: https://1drv.ms/x/s!Al0_5MGUE271ll-GGPzH3hjL3sCW?e=Uq4740

First off, this wasn't that expected. but my first package came in. The content of it was the following:

- The FunnyPlaying IPS Screen V2, quite thin but no bracket sadly.
- Replacement Capacitors
- A CleanAmp Audio Amplifier with a new speaker
- A Glass Lens
- A 680UF Aluminum Capacitor for the CleanAmp
- And some white buttons that go well with my Clear Black case.

I want to start that this is one of the 3 packages that came in. The rest of them has to be yet delivered.
My Retromodding package provides the following stuff:

- An EZ Flash Junior Flashcard
- One of their nice sleeves for the GBC
- A white Sillicon button Start-Select button

The last one is an ebay package that only contains the Clear Black shell.

First Impressions: I am suprised by how small the parts are. Notably the CleanAmp and the capacitors.
I will definitely make sure to keep them away since I'm an responsible Uncle. That means cleaning up for me.

Even tough I underestimated this project, I will not give up. That being said, looking at those parts makes it much more exciting to tackle this.
I can't wait to see the finished product.
Posted on 20-06-18, 14:10

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Since: 01-21-20

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Here's Maxane back with another post.

My Clear Black Shell came in without any notice. I got like no mail or message regarding the shell, so I kind of was doing other stuff in the meantime.
To my suprise it not only came with a shell, but also some other stuff like:

- Clear Buttons
- New sillicon membrane for the buttons (in original colors of course, but them being new helps)
- a new CGB sticker
- A lens (not a glass one, so I don't use it myself)
- 2 screwdrivers (A Phillips and Tri-wing)

I did not expect to have that much stuff in that e-bay order, but it was nice to have them.
It's still expected tough.

Now, even if this is kind of my blog thread, I still encourage discussion about modded devices similar to this project.
Hit me up with some nice stories about modding something hardware related, I'l definitely listen.
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Main » Discussion » Maxane's Marvelous Modding Madventure (Personal GBC modding)
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