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Posted on 19-04-22, 12:54
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To add on, the graphics chipset offers eight background modes of varying capabilities. And instead of descriptive names like "high-res mode" and "cool 3D effects mode", they were officially identified by the numbers 0 through 7. The numbers were assigned because they were the number you had to feed the PPU to make it shift into the desired mode.

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Posted on 19-04-22, 20:53
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Posted by byuu

with DerKoun's beta 3 in Mario Kart the internal resolution (if that makes sense) is now different on the track than it is on the title screen and menus.

That one was my change. It's the same way hires and interlace modes work, the output resolution is the smallest size that will fit the game content. This is a fairly important speedup (outputting 4K pixels in *software* is going to be intensely painful even without any emulation at all), and it's also necessary to output at 256x240 for most shaders to work.

It does look bad when changing modes, but the alternative is relegating 90% of hunterk's quark shader repository to non-working status.

Any upscaling shaders in the quark shader repository are already non-working in HD mode 7. The only exception is super-xbr-3d (that hunterk ported over specifically in response to HD mode 7). Which is broken in menus now due to them not rendering at the same resolution as the mode 7 parts of games.

Outputting that many pixels isn't something I'd want to do all the time for sure, but if I already (optionally!) have HD mode 7 on and am outputting that many when in mode 7 anyway, I wouldn't mind doing so in menus too, if at least one upscaling shader would work for the whole game. Currently with HD mode 7 I can either apply a single upscaling shader to the menu, or to the on track portion of Mario Kart, but not both, which was possible before.

Whether that's a good reason to change things or not, am I at least making sense (phobia of sounding dumb)? Have you tried running HD mode 7 in conjunction with any upscaling shaders? Would you consider that something worth being able to do?

Anyway, really grateful for your work!
Posted on 19-04-23, 15:48
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I just pushed up a variant of the super-xbr-3d shaders that combines the 2x and 4x versions into one and should react to resolution changes with the appropriate codepath. It's called super-multi-xbr-3d. Let me know how it goes :)
Posted on 19-04-27, 00:16

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HD Mode 7 mod, beta 4 (bsnes 107.3): WideScreen (fullscreen 1080p)

My current setup: Super Famicom ("2/1/3" SNS-CPU-1CHIP-02) → SCART → OSSC → StarTech USB3HDCAP → AmaRecTV 3.10
Posted on 19-04-27, 04:08
Full mod

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I've started tracking DerKoun's releases in a branch of the unofficial higan repo, so (for example) you can review the actual beta 4 changes instead of the complete copies of modified files in the official release archive.

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Posted on 19-05-26, 21:30

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My current setup: Super Famicom ("2/1/3" SNS-CPU-1CHIP-02) → SCART → OSSC → StarTech USB3HDCAP → AmaRecTV 3.10
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