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    Thread review
    Posted by tomman

    Yes, Sony overengineered to hell and back the cooling system, but if this means less RMAs, and dead silent, ice-cold gaming sessions, who cares if this thing is bigger than your... head?

    Damn straight. You don't buy a console to look at. What will reviewers come up with next?--it doesn't have a display with a notch, so it's not as good as an iphone? A huge fan means less noise, and I'm all for it.

    Still, it beats the Xbox Sex proprietary SSDs (because MS had to screw up user-friendly storage expansion options, AGAIN).

    Yeah, they had an opportunity to be seen as more flexible but blew it, revealing their one and only supported proprietary expansion.
    tomman Official PS5 teardown

    Oh my, that thing is HUGE! It's the Texas Pick-up Truck of consoles... yet all that size is basically 70% fancooler, 30% console.

    Yes, Sony overengineered to hell and back the cooling system, but if this means less RMAs, and dead silent, ice-cold gaming sessions, who cares if this thing is bigger than your... head? Apparently overheating was a common problem with PS4s (and certain non-Sony consoles *cough*RRoD*cough*), so Sony is trying to play it safe with this one. Also: liquid metal, AND they want YOU, dear gamer, to clean your fancooler regularly (warranty NOT voided!), just like your aircon filters - you DO clean them, riiiiiight? Unfortunately, all I've heard are nerds complaining that this console is bigger than their waifus, it won't fit, and even some Hackernews iDiot™ moaning because it isn't THIIIIIIIIIIIIIN so he can hang it behind his THIIIIIIIIIIIIIN TV. If you really hate first-gen hardware that much, wait 2-3 years for the Slim version then.

    The ultrafast SSD is soldered, which means that if any of those Flash memory ICs dies, so does your console. You still get a M.2 expansion slot, but you need to ensure that the SSD you're going to purchase is as good or better than the already high-tier PS5 built-in (which as of this post date means that you don't have many expansion options currently in the market, and you're fishing at the upper end of the product spectrum if numbers are to believe). Still, it beats the Xbox Sex proprietary SSDs (because MS had to screw up user-friendly storage expansion options, AGAIN).

    For those keeping the score at home, Sony already did an official PS4 teardown near launch. Still, nothing it's really official until iFixit does theirs :)
    Nicholas Steel Hopefully they don't assign Zenimax/Bethesda staff to QA for Microsoft Windows. We'd prolly get a significant increase in the number of problems with Windows.
    CaptainJistuce I thought you said they bought Bethesda for $7.58 at first, and I spent far more time than I should've trying to figure out how that even worked.

    So... does this mean Bethesda games have betatesters now?
    *looks at the Windows 10 update track record*
    tomman In this year of "megacorp purchases that might hurt you", Micro-Soft just bought the guys that makes a few games you might have player on all sorts of devices... including those ones NOT made by Micro-Soft:

    $7.5B, holy shit. Barely worth more than some Instagranola!

    Needless to say, the community is divided: for people on Windows PCs, it's business as usual. For Xboxers, these are great times to own a Xbox in any of its flavors. For Sonyers, it's the Apocalypse Now indeed. And for the few guys buying Nintendo consoles for playing non-Nintendo games, all I've heard so far is a big, collective "meh".

    Where are the antimonopoly regulators!? Ah yeah, staying at home until the China Pest™ goes away...
    Nicholas Steel
    $299S, $499X, November 10.
    tomman Sega finally figured out how to sell puyos to westerners: by addinng tetrominoes.

    There were doubts with the formula on the original Puyo Puyo Tetris when it was launched overseas ~4 years ago, but aside of the kinda limited platform selection (no 3DS, no Xbone, PC got the Denuvo disease*), it seems the bet paid off handsomely. Not only we got Puyo Puyo eSports Champions over here (even on PC!), Sega has just announced there will be a Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 later this year.

    Yes, looks like it will be a global launch, in what it seems to be a first for the puyos.
    It will be available for all current and next-gen consoles, this time including Xboxes.

    *Come on Sega, you've got rid of the Denuvo pest on pretty much all of your games EXCEPT for PPT!? Even Sonic Mania got disinfected eventually... Hope you don't make the same silly mistake with PPT2, because the last thing a fine game deserves are review bombings.
    tomman Well, apparently voicing your concerns and VOTING WITH YOUR WALLET made Bethesda "listen to their audience", as the kernel-mode Denuvo fuckery is going away with the next patch:

    Oh, they're also backpedaling because Denuvo murders performance, not aliens.

    Cheaters are vile scum that must be removed from the gene pool, but infecting OS kernel of paying, honest customers with buggy spyware is NOT the answer!
    CaptainJistuce In fairness, they aren't lying when they say they want our trust. They don't want to EARN or RESPECT it, but they want it.
    tomman Sadly enough, most players either don't care, don't know, or drank the PR kool-aid, when you see threads like this one:
    Fortunately the "vocal minority" (AKA people with half a brain left) are raising awareness, and the negative review bombing (and furious, deceived gamers asking for refunds that Valve may not give out) in Steam is at full blast.

    Mind you, while Doom Eternal had Denuvo since day one (although the launch day version even shipped with an unprotected executable due to an oversight at Bethesda), the kernelmode driver fuckery was just introduced two days ago. Oh, this also breaks the game for those playing under Proton/Wine (since Wine will never allow for kernelmode stunts for obvious reasons).

    Irdeto (the same guys behind frequently broken sat TV CAS solutions built over -sometimes- stolen code) now owns Denuvo, and their PR drivel claims that:

    - They're not the only ones doing kernelmode, but "ours is invisible and harmless!" (hint: Ring 0 code is rarely harmless, if ever!)
    - Their kernelmode junk is "not a rootkit"
    - Their kernelmode junk only runs when you start the game and stops when you quit (hint: DRM developers are rarely careful with kernelmode development, so starting and stopping a kernel driver goes from "routine operation" to "system crashing flaw" depending on the extent of their low-level hooking stuff - ask the XCP and Starforce guys)
    - They "respect your privacy" and "want your trust" (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAnope)

    Where in the world is Mark Russinovich?! He would have a blast dissecting this bag of MALWARE.
    Posted by Screwtape
    Isn't Doom Eternal a single-player game?

    you don't have doom without multi-player.
    Screwtape Isn't Doom Eternal a single-player game?
    tomman From your nice friends at Denuvo, guess who are back from the dead:
    Kernel-mode (aka Ring 0) DRM! But this time, now disguised as "anti-cheat" software.

    Can't wait for the security researchers and skript kiddies around the world to have fun with this cool backdoor security flaw waiting to be exploited!

    I'll take COVID-19 over Denuvo any day of the week, thanks.
    (Cheaters should also take the China pest and die, but that's no excuse to pull a XCP over my PC!)
    picto I've got it preordered digitally, and am curious where exactly this new story direction will be going. From what I'm hearing-
    Which could be interesting, but needs to be executed well. Definitely has a bit of that "modern Nomura" style to it; I can see how people would feel mislead by the "Remake" subtitle, too.

    They're also incorporating characters from an obscure spinoff novel named "Final Fantasy VII: The Kids Are Alright".
    BearOso Wow. So spoilers are coming out, and I finally realized that what I thought was a Final Fantasy 7 remake was actually “Final Fantasy 7: Remake”, a new game in the FF7 series of media. Apparently the “remake” part is in reference to the plot, not having to do with redeveloping the original game.

    I still have no interest in getting it, though.
    CaptainJistuce *bump*

    Following last year's "Panzer Fucking Dragoon remake" announcement, Sega celebrated the series' 25th birthday this year by announcing PANZER FUCKING DRAGOON VR.

    I can think of few flatscreen games that would port to VR as well as Panzer Dragoon(seriously, just set the camera to the rider's head, and you're basically done), fewer still I'd like to just step into thje world of, and I want to be really excited about this.
    On the other hand, the recent Space Channel 5 VR was a joke by most counts.
    On the third hand, PANZER FUCKING DRAGOON. The hype is real.
    Kakashi ‘Trials of Mana,’ a Full HD Remake of ‘Seiken Densetsu 3,’ Unveiled

    "Papa! Mama! Whewe awe you going?"
    Posted by KingMike
    Nobody mentioned that it seems "Secret of Mana 2" finally got officially localized.
    For 40 bucks for the Mana collection, I'd want to wait for a physical copy though (even though I already have a phys JP copy). Though I hear that may be coming as a LE.

    And yet SD3 is ALSO getting a remake which will be localized as well.

    When I saw that on the Nintendo Direct I had a mindsploding nerdgasm :D

    Now I just wish for a remake of the Soul Blazer trilogy...
    Posted by CaptainJistuce
    Whether it was good or not had little to do with whether it was hype or not.
    Though I think Toshinden's success had a lot to do with being a 3D fighter in a time when there weren't many. According to teh wikis, it actually introduced z-axis movement into the genre, almost a year before Soul Edge. It could be argued as the FIRST 3D fighter.

    Well if you want to get technical, Virtua Fighter 2 (released in 94) had z-axis movement type dodges similar to what you had in BAT. But weirdly enough, only two characters (Shun Di and I think Lion - the two new characters) had those z-axis evade moves.

    I didn't find a vid with players actually doing the move but this FAQ mentions it if you search for "side step" (back/down+Defense for Shun Di) and mentioned here also.

    edit: Meh, just took a screenshot from MAME and yeah, it's there. Down/Back+G.

    Soul Edge (which I had not seen in the arcade so it's not like I was already hyped for it) was absolutely amazing on PSX. That was even more impressive than Virtua Fighter 2 in some respects, despite running on less powerful hardware and at 30fps instead of 60.
    CaptainJistuce Also a distinct possibility.
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