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    Thread review
    Screwtape Just in case there's anybody here who wanted to try out a recent higan WIP, but was put off by how strange and different the UI is, I wrote up a brief tutorial on getting higan v106.217 (the latest WIP as of this post) to launch a SNES game:

    Currently the instructions are fairly specific to Linux, because that's what I have access to, but if somebody on Windows or macOS can figure out how to where to put the various pieces, I'd love to add that information.
    Screwtape Just a heads-up for anybody who's keeping track of higan WIPs. As of today's WIP, I've made the continuous integration system build on Ubuntu LTS instead of Debian Stable, because byuu would like to start making use of the improvements available in more recent versions of GCC.

    This is not a promise that Ubuntu LTS is a "supported" platform; Debian's likely to release a new stable version this year and the next Ubuntu LTS won't arrive until 2020, so we may swap back eventually. But for now, don't bother trying to build higan on Debian Stable, or older versions of Ubuntu, or RHEL, or...
      Main » Projects » WIP news higan » New reply
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