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    Thread review
    tomman Every time I hear a NPM-related story, it's always an horror tale (when it's not some hipster crud). I would like to have those guys banned from their mommy-and-daddy modems instead of letting them push another Git commit ever again.

    How do they even manage to Get Shit Done on that fragile house of cards that they dare to call "foundations"!?

    My sole experience with NPM: found some JS lib I needed for a very specific purpose (thankfully it didn't came with extra dependencies), but I wanted to have the newest version because reasons, and the only way to get it is from "building from source" (something that doesn't make any sense whatsoever with Javascript stuff, but whatever). This required me to install NPM, clone the Github repo, and do the equivalent of "make". Except that... it tried to download half of the Internet. And it failed with some obscure error because Debian. So I tried to install the latest shiny NPM version following The Official Way... and after downloading the another half of the Internet, it failed with yet another obscure error. It's even worse than Maven, but at least, unlike NPM, Maven CAN GET SHIT DONE! (if you don't deviate from the defaults!)

    Long short story: I ended rolling my own (IIRC I didn't even needed the entire library, but only a couple functions), and swore to never ever have to deal with NPM again, while keeping 3rd-party Javascript usage as minimal as possible, both to preserve my sanity and to prevent further issues down the road.
    Posted by tomman
    I'm glad I don't do JavaScript.

    But it's so easy to (literally) make money with it...
    neologix I look forward to the day I can actually influence the direction of front-end web development practices. I had planned a trilogy of books (HTML+CSS, JS, all-in-one primer) and already outlined much of the HTML+CSS book before graduating from college.
    There's never been a better time to be a JavaScript developer than now, and we're willing to bet that 2019 will make that even clearer!

    This hurts my soul. Excessive JS frameworks are one of the biggest reasons I'm trying to make a beeline out of this industry. It infuriates me how often used to do precious little but some lazy dev figured installing a framework and copying a tutorial was easier than actually learning how to do something in vanilla JS, leading to tons of pointless bloat, extra transfers, poor performance on client machines... But at least we can have fancy CSS animations, unnecessary AJAX, and loading the next article on scroll (eww) in places where they not only don't enhance but often distinctly detract from the user experience.

    tl;dr: I'm glad I don't do JavaScript. So many frameworks, libraries, ways to abuse tools into undesirable purposes, and so much hipster junk I can't believe people actually get PAID for playing with fire.

    If that makes me a dinosaur, I would be glad of becoming extinct.
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