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    Mei Koyoki I'm not really one that's too technical, though I'm definitely aware of the fact 'hosting reviews' are not to be trusted.

    I don't really trust myself to set up a web server correctly and securely so I'd rather have a shared hosting provider manage it for me, hence the reason I'd prefer not to use a VPS/dedi or whatever... any recommendations from you guys as to what's somewhat reasonable? No EIG hosts, and also, preferably smaller/independent hosts without 'uncovered/hard' limits. I'm in the UK, by the way, and already registered a domain (and know how to DNS already so that's no issue).

    I'm looking to just host a blog (probably WordPress, it's the only thing I've actually dabbled with and it always seemed somewhat straightforward to get working), it should have TLS support via Let's Encrypt and cPanel, and MariaDB (not MySQL for reasons I mentioned somewhere in another thread). Basically, a low-traffic site - though I might be hosting files on it every now and again for download, again said files won't be too big or such though.

    Convulted phone support not welcomed as I seriously hate dealing with randoms over the phone, ticket support is fine by me if something happens to go wrong.

    Thanks, I know it sounds like a really n00bish/dumb question, but I don't really know where to ask elsewhere (and I'm also really sorry if I come across as dumb here overall >w<! ) :P
      Main » Projects » Shared hosting recommendations? » New reply
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