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    hunterk I'm a Hanlon's razor kinda guy but either way it doesn't bode well for the general election. According to the most recent Gallup poll:
    Posted by "gallup poll"

    Trump’s approval rating among his fellow GOP voters now stands at 94% percent, 6 points higher than registered by the last Gallup poll.
    And 42% of independents approve of the job he is doing, up 3 points.
    Trump’s approval by Democrats fell to 7% — 3 points lower than a prior survey
    It is important to recognize that a majority of "independents" tend to be conservatives who are ashamed to call themselves Republicans for whatever reason (antiestablishmentarians, libertarians, rich blue-staters, etc), but that's an extremely tight margin that makes another electoral college win for Trump pretty likely.

    The most important bit of info to come out of Iowa so far, though, is that Dem voter turnout was at the lackluster 2016 level rather than the high-energy 2008/2012 levels.
    BearOso Well, we’re off to a great start with the Iowa caucuses. The minute the results started coming in and were in favor of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, with Biden in 4th place, an “error” happened. How much do we bet that, when the “results” come in, Biden or Buttigieg is on top, with the candidates who actually won in 3rd and 4th.

    I honestly didn’t think they’d stoop to this, but Trump being around has made everyone into more brazen cheaters. This doesn’t bode well for the U.S. being as it was much longer.
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      you need to wake up michael