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    Thread review
    KingMike Yes, we know one of the points byuu has made is that sometimes headers have wrong info. Usually prototypes but sometimes even released official games that are "supposed" to have correct info.

    Just not sure if there's a practical need for a thread but I suppose.

    Have seen quite a number of Genesis games that seem to have Bad Checksums as it is. Probably since it doesn't matter so much unless games have self-validating checksum code (like EA games).

    I have known Zero Wing has the wrong ROM size indicated in the header (effectively indicates it is a 512KB game when it is 1MB).

    But the last two games I dumped: Captain America and Two Crude Dudes. Both US releases, both Opera House-developed ports of Data East arcade games. Both used Japanese header data. That is "SEGA MEGA DRIVE" text, Japanese titles (AVENGERS and CLUDE BUSTER) but most significant for emulation, Japan-only region ID ("J"). The former it seems did not have an actual Japanese release at all. (rumored at some point DECO planned to release the separate NES game in Japan, but that is all I heard of that)
    Good thing the real console TMSS doesn't care about regions. :D
      Main » Emulation » Heuristics fails » New reply
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