For engine reasons, sprite objects are used to create occluding "walk behind" areas. Several screens are blank in those areas -- manually precomposed versions are provided.

(Goblins Quest 3 and precompositions)

title.png title-quest.png aims.png news.png ship.png idol.png death.png death-r.png death-y.png death-b.png death-o.png death-p.png death-g.png death-all.png country.png inn.png inn-walkbehind.png fortress.png town.png town-walkbehind.png grocery.png grocery-walkbehind.png lab.png clouds.png clouds-walkbehind.png colossus.png colossus-walkbehind.png bizoo.png queen.png queen-walkbehind.png king.png king-walkbehind.png chess.png book.png mirrors.png mirrors-walkbehind.png lake.png gods.png