Useful Notes: Breasts in Anime and Manga

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This article has been rescued from Kawa's archival copy of TVTropes and is no longer available there since their attempt to bleach their underpants.

According to this article, in Anime (and by proxy, Manga) breast size is typically classified as follows:

Term Equivalent Cup size Commonly Used For
realistic unrealistic
Japanese English US/UK Japanese/EU US/UK Japanese/EU
Loli "board flat" no bra no bra no bra no bra Lolicon / TokenLoli
Hinnyuu small AA to A AA to A AA to A AA to A Pettanko
Funyuu average B to D B to D B to E B to F Ojou, Tsundere, Meido
Kyonyuu large DD to F E to G F to K G to L MsFanservice, FemmeFatale, HotMom
Bakunyuu very large G to L H to M L to S M to T Ecchi, Fetish, Hentai
Chounyuu extremely large M+ N+ T+ U+ Ecchi, Fetish, Hentai (all up to eleven)

BuxomIsBetter usually runs from "Large" and above, with the divide between Realistic and Abnormal types seemingly occurring between low-end and high-end Very Large; mid-level Bakunyuu itself is pretty much a grey area that can go either way. On the other hand, Gag Boobs - by strict defintion - can not go below mid-level-to-high-end Average.


  • The last category is actually termed "impossibly large" in the original source, but since there are both natural and artificially induced real-life instances of this level, "impossible"/"impossibly" would be grossly misleading.
  • From cursory observation of various sizing systems (which vary not only by country, but across companies within the same country), bra cup sizes are commonly assigned every inch away from the rib cage, with double letters indicating a difference of ½ inch (e.g. AA = ½", A = 1", B = 2", DD = 4½", etc.). See also Useful Notes on Bra Sizes.


  • 貧乳 Hinnyuu: lit. "impoverished breasts".
  • 普乳 Funyuu: lit. "general/universal/wide(ly) breasts", or figuratively, "average/generic breasts".
  • 巨乳 Kyonyuu: lit. "huge breasts".
  • 爆乳 Bakunyuu: lit. "exploding breasts".
  • 超乳 Chounyuu: lit. "super(-sized) breasts".
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