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List of Added Items


Name Price Category Description Acquisition Notes
Sb kendolegs.png Hakama 50 Legs "Kendo pants. Pretend to be the Blue Thunder." Starter, merchants
Sb shorttop.png Baby Tee 50 Chest "A midriff-baring white T-shirt." Villages, merchants
Sb hotpants.png Hotpants 50 Legs "Hotpants and booties. Always good." Villages, merchants
Sb justajacket.png Just a Jacket 50 Chest "A fine jacket, and nothing more." Starter, villages, merchants
Sb twotoneshirt.png Two Toned Top 50 Chest "An ordinary short sleeved top in two colors." Starter, villages, merchants
Sb sweater.png Fuzzy Sweater 50 Chest "It's so fuzzy I could die!" Not available yet.
Sb halfjeans.png Half-leg Jeans Legs Chest "Jeans with one leg missing." Not available yet. Inspired by Candidate for Goddess
Chiton 50 Chest No description set. Merchants
Chiton 50 Legs No description set. Merchants
Peplos 50 Legs No description set. Merchants Longer skirt worn under chiton.
Sb noblehead.png Noble's Headband 100 Head "A Felin noble's headband. Pure gold." Merchants
Sb noblechest.png Noble's Dress 100 Chest "A Felin noble's dress." Merchants
Sb noblelegs.png Noble's Dress 100 Legs "A Felin noble's dress." Merchants


Name Price Category Description Acquisition Notes
Sb cheeseburger.png Cheeseburger Food "A cheeseburger, dripping with delicious." Burger + Cheese @ Kitchen, blueprint in Villages
Sb plate.png Plate Crafting No description set. 1 Wood Planks, pick up in Villages


Name Price Category Description Acquisition Notes
Wildcat Headset Tier1 Head No description set. Not available yet.
Wildcat Top Tier1 Chest No description set. 35 Iron Bar + 1 Copper Chestpiece + 350px @ Anvil
Wildcat Pants Tier1 Legs No description set. 12 Iron Bar + 1 Copper Greaves + 150px @ Anvil
Tier 2 "Bobcat" in planning.
Tier 3 "Jaguar" in planning.
Tier 4 "Cougar" in planning.
Tiger Helmet Tier5 Head No description set. Not available yet.
Tiger Breastplate Tier5 Chest No description set. Not available yet.
Tiger Trackers Tier5 Legs No description set. Not available yet.
Tier 6 "Puma" in planning.
Panther Mask Tier7 Head No description set. Not available yet.
Panther Breastplate Tier7 Chest No description set. Not available yet.
Panther Leggings Tier7 Legs No description set. Not available yet.
Tier 8 "Lion" in planning.
Tier 9 "Cheetah" in planning.
Warrior's Mind Tier10 Head No description set. Not available yet. Actually naked.
Warrior's Heart Tier10 Chest No description set. Not available yet. It's is a state of mind, not a costume.
Warrior's Strength Tier10 Legs No description set. Not available yet. You'd certainly feel impervious.


Name Price Category Description Acquisition Notes
Unnamed Felin Broadsword Tier1 Broadsword "A Felin-made broadsword. You can tell from the ribbons." 20 Iron Bar + 30 px @ Anvil
Unnamed Felin Broadsword Tier2 Broadsword "An extra notch for extra rip-n-tear damage." 10 Steel Bar @ Metalwork
Morton's Fork Tier3 Broadsword Description missing. 10 Titanium Bar @ Metalwork
Obsidious Tier4 Broadsword "Obsidious. Really not as impressive as it looks or sounds." 10 Durasteel Bar @ Metalwork
Big Daddy Tier5 Broadsword Description missing. 10 Aegisalt Bar @ Metalwork
Sword of Portents Tier6 Broadsword Description missing. 10 Ferozium Bar @ Metalwork
Sword of Omens Tier7 Broadsword Description missing. 10 Cerulium Bar @ Metalwork
Eviscerator Tier8 Broadsword "Eviscerator. The edge glows with destructive energies." 10 Violium Bar @ Metalwork
Katar Starting Dagger "A kind of push dagger." 2 Iron Bar + 30 px @ Anvil, Ship
Fatal Claw Tier2 Dagger "Looks like it belongs to a robot." 2 Steel Bar @ Metalwork
Pawhammer Tier1 Hammer Description missing. 10 Iron Bar + 30 px @ Anvil
Clawhammer Tier2 Hammer Description missing. 10 Steel Bar @ Metalwork
Mewmew Tier10 Hammer Description missing. 10 Impervium Bar @ Metalwork
Unnamed Felin Shortsword Tier1 Shortsword "A Felin-made shortsword. You can tell from the ribbons." 10 Iron Bar + 30 px @ Anvil
Unnamed Felin Shortsword Tier2 Shortsword Description missing. 5 Steel Bar @ Metalwork
Monty's Problem Tier3 Shortsword Description missing. 5 Titanium Bar @ Metalwork
Kindacrappicus Tier4 Shortsword "It kinda is." 5 Durasteel Bar @ Metalwork
Little Sister Tier5 Shortsword Description missing. 5 Aegisalt Bar @ Metalwork
Sword of Cautiousness Tier6 Shortsword Description missing. 5 Ferozium Bar @ Metalwork
Sword of Bad Feelings Tier7 Shortsword Description missing. 5 Cerulium Bar @ Metalwork
Gutter Tier8 Shortsword Description missing. 5 Violium Bar @ Metalwork
Warrior's Fist Tier10 Shortsword Description missing. Not available yet. Actually an empty hand.

List of Added Objects

Name Price Category Description Acquisition Notes
Sb felinbannericon.png Banner 750 Decor Description missing. Nowhere yet.
Bathhouse Sign 400 Decor Description missing. Villages
Sb felinbeanbagchairicon.png Beanbag Chair 1 Furniture "It's a beanbag chair!" 20 Fabric + 20 Wheat Seed @ Crafting Table
Sb felinbedicon.png Bed 1500 Furniture "A super-comfy foam bed." 15 Wood Planks + 5 Fabric @ Crafting Table
Sb felinbenchicon.png Bench (intact) 650 Furniture "A simple but comfortable bench." "The most comfy bench EVER, with some work." Nowhere yet
Sb felinbenchicon.png Bench (scratched) 325 Furniture "A simple but comfortable bench, minor claw damage." "The most comfy bench EVER." Ship
Calming Poster 300 Decor "Make love, not war." "A little from column A, a little from column B..." Nowhere yet
Captain's Chair 1 Furniture "ENGAGE~nya!" "My claws itch at the sight. So does my bum." Ship
Sb felincalligraphy1icon.png 'Cat' Calligraphy 300 Decor "Framed calligraphy for 'cat'." Villages
Sb felincalligraphy2icon.png Catspaw Art 100 Decor "Framed picture of a catspaw." Villages
Chalkboard 300 Decor "A schoolroom's board, filled with Felin knowledge." "Love. Hunt. Be epic." Villages
Clothing Sign 400 Decor Description missing. Villages
Dino Megazord Poster 300 Decor "Mighty." Nowhere yet
Sb felinhologramicon.png Felin Spawner 300 Spawner "Spawn your very own Felin villager!" 20 Steel Bar + 750px @ Metalwork station
Sb felinflag.png Flag 100 Crafting Description needs replacement. 5 Wood Planks + 1 Fabric @ Anywhere
Food Sign 400 Decor Description missing. Villages
Sb felinhologramicon.png Frisky Felin Hologram 2000 Decor "A hologram displaying a Felin feeling frisky." "Sort of inspiring, in a way." Villages
Fun TV 1000 Decor "An Apex-made TV showing Felin 'fun' shows." "Edutainment is key to Felin society." Villages "This is cool. This is better. Any questions?"
Sb felinhologramicon.png Guard Spawner 300 Spawner "Spawn your very own guard!" "Get a posse!" 20 Steel Bar + 2500px @ Metalwork station
Sb felinstatue1icon.png Healer Statue 1000 Decor "It's a statue of Letrune, a famed Felin healer." "We could all learn from this lady. And some others." Nowhere yet
Hero Poster 300 Decor "A nice pinup poster of a Felin hero." Nowhere yet Three variants.
Sb felinstatue1icon.png Hunter Statue 1000 Decor "It's a statue of Chelsie, a famed Felin warrior." "We could all learn from this lady. And some others." Nowhere yet
Sb felincomputer.png Idling Computer 500 Decor "This computer is busy doing nothing at all." "If only I had something to do with this..." Villages
Love Sign 400 Decor Description missing. Villages
Model Poster 300 Decor "A nice pinup poster of a Felin model." Nowhere yet Five variants.
Pawprint Door 500 Wire "A decorated wooden door." "Let me in~" Villages, 15 Wood Planks @ Crafting Table
Pawprint Graffiti 10 Decor "A messily drawn Felin pawprint symbol." Nowhere yet.
Peace Graffiti 10 Decor "A messily drawn Felin peace symbol." Nowhere yet.
Plate of Food 20 Decor Description missing. Villages, 1 Wooden Plate + one of various things┬╣
Prices Sign 300 Decor "Oh my." "Hope you got fifty pixels!" Villages "Cuddles: 10px. Full go: 50px"
Recruitment Poster 300 Decor "Join the Wildcats!" Nowhere yet
Sb felinroasticon.png Roast Critter 200 Decor "A succulent piece of roast animal." "Makes your mouth water." Villages Two variants.
Scholar Poster 300 Decor "A nice pinup poster of a Felin scholar." Nowhere yet
School Sign 400 Decor Description missing. Villages
Sb felinsmokestack.png Smokestack 500 Decor Description missing. Villages
Stack of Plates 20 Decor Description missing. 4 Wooden Plates
Supplies Sign 300 Decor "Felin guidance signage" Villages "Supplies"
Wisdom Sign 300 Decor "That's one way of putting it." Villages "Be nice to eachother."
Sb felinfireplace.png Wooden Fireplace 1000 Decor "Careful with that match, Eugene." Villages
Weapon Sign 400 Decor Description missing. Villages

┬╣: Cooked tentacle, rib meat, pussplum pie, poultry, alien meat, ham, carrot cake, bacon, apple pie. Plates destruct into their component parts.


TODO - Fix the starting codices; they're all messed up.
A Felin Journey Begins - Bright Dots in the Night Sky
You were content, at first, to stay in your colony. But one night, you noticed an increased amount of ships passing by in the night sky.

A favor is repaid, another deal struck, and you acquire yourself a spaceworthy vessel. Let's see what all the fuss is about...

A Felin Introduction - Let's Make a Deal
Felin live simple lives. They hunt, they build, they make love, and then they get paid in goods or pixels, though goods are vastly preferred.

Laid back but efficient, that is the Felin way.

A Felin's Goal - A Felin begins their life's work.
What's the buzz? Nobody ever tells a Felin what's happening. Explore, and find your own answers.

Be yet another bright spot in the night sky, ever moving...

The Legend of Chelsie - An Account
Chelsie. Not a name like most other Felins have. Even when born and raised on other worlds, Felins tend to retain Felin names.

Chelsie has never been like other Felins. She was born near a Human settlement on a distant planet, to a pair of Scholars. When She was young, Her parents died, not having any Hunters nearby to defend them.

She was unnamed when the Humans first encountered Her, and they called Her 'Chelsie', for She reminded them of the big Cats of Earth and Humans like their alliteration.

Chelsie grew up to be a fearsome Hunter, teaching Herself in the ways of the Paths without knowing of them. Her free-spirited mind brought variations on the Paths that hadn't been concieved of for ages.

She was indeed as Brutal and Cunning as She was Beautiful. When She returned to the Homeworld as a young adult in a stolen Hylotl craft, Her exploits had already preceeded her by far.

How to be a Felin - A Primer
There are basically four paths a Felin may take; the Path of the Hunter, the Path of the Crafter, the Path of the Comforter, and the Path of the Scholar.

The Path of the Hunter involves going places, leaving home. It involves exploration, meeting other people, of other species. Importantly it means finding and killing prey for food and materials, as well as plants and lifeless things that someone might need.

The Path of the Crafter involves creation, in its multitude of senses. Architects, builders, weavers -- all Craft, and enrich themselves and the world with their creations. They work together with the Hunters to collect raw material.

The Path of the Comforter involves comfort, again in several senses. They are healers, consorts, psychiatrists, and others like that. If someone is hurt in any way, requires peace of mind, or is simply lonely, the Comforters are there.

The Path of the Scholar involves all things of Deeper Knowledge. Any Felin can be expected to be able to read and write, but only in the Common Scripts. It's the Scholars you could expect to still know the Symbolspeak in this day and age.

A single Felin is not in any way limited to following a single Path. As is their nature, they may jump from one Path to another and profit from all. A Hunter may also be a Crafter, or a Comforter. A Hunter who goes off-world is probably also a Scholar. A Comforter may be a Crafter, and any other combination is possible.

A Hunter knows where to strike her opponent for best effect. A Scholar knows -why-. Fear the Hunter-Scholar, for she has both the drive and skill as well as the knowledge.

Felin Heroes - A Reference Guide
There are three Felins of Legend, pinnacles in their art, whose example all Felins are highly suggested to follow.

Felins may have no Gods, but they certainly have their Heroes.

The first Hero is The Hunter, Chelsie. Her name is not like most other Felins, for She was born off-world and contaminated by the local culture in a way that helped increase Her hunting prowess to incredible heights. Her strategic skill was likewise commendable and She was as wise as She was beautiful.

The second Hero is The Healer, Letrune. Starting as a simple nurse to a respected doctor of the flesh, Her caring deeds continue to inspire Comforters around the entire span of the Felin species' influence. She is said to have a bottomless Love for other Beings who require her care and attention.

The third and last Hero is the Leader, Laenathin. A leonid Felin of Noble stock, and one of very few Felins with a full Beard as glorious as His leadership. He was a highly learned Scholar, and responsible for most significant developments of Felin Culture and Expansion, until His untimely death.


Gender-specific sleeves

The base game lets you specify chest and legs parts for each gender, but not the sleeves. I've added .frames files that allow gender-specific sleeves to be used; "bsleevem" and "fsleevem". The alternative is to put the other sleeve set in a subdirectory, but this seems neater to me.

Names in NPC chatter

When a character is killed, guards who witness this have a chance to call out to the victim -- "You killed <name>!" A small Lua script change allows villagers and guards to say their own names in random chatter. This change has been passed on to bartwe for consideration as a standard feature. This is a standard feature now. At least for villagers.


  • More info on this page.
  • Tiered armor for tiers 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, and 9.
  • More weapons.
  • Description extensions for Human, Hylotl, minibiome, obstacles, spawner, tiered, undergroundbiome, and holiday objects.
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