Part of the Firrhna Project by Kawa and Letrune, The Dating Pool is a point-and-click adventure game in the same vein as the classics from Sierra On-Line. In fact, it's built on the very same game engine as those classics.


* The classic Sierra UI
* Intricate 3D-rendered art
* Sexual confusion


File Size Description
vcatdate-onedaydemo-2016.zip 566 KB The one-day demo version is available right now. This the final version from January 2016, with a minor script patch from May.

Changes from the New Years 2015 release:
* tweaked player sprites
* replaced firrhna productions logo
* replaced soundtrack
* fixed game-breaking script bugs in road scene

Demo walkthrough

vcatdate-2015-songs.zip 19.6 KB If you preferred the old demo's soundtrack, unpack this into the demo's directory and let the engine handle the rest.


The Dating Pool has been found to run on virtualized MS-DOS/Windows systems, up to Windows 98, with no problems. However, your best bet is to get a copy of DOSBox and run it from there.
Box art


Enjoy the familiar Sierra interface.
Alhor's Shop
Meet interesting people...
...and touch them :)
Engine puzzle
Puzzles, of course.


Firrhna Firrhna Productions
Game-specific code, artwork: Kawa
Design, writing, background material: Letrune
Icefall Icefall Games
SCI Companion development IDE: Phil "Troflip" Fortier
Sierra Sierra On-Line
Unlimited sources of inspiration: Al Lowe, Roberta Williams
Development system: Jeff Stephenson, Robert E. Heitman, Dan Foy, Larry Scott, J. Mark Hood, Eric Hart, Mark Wilden, Chad Bye, Chris Smith
Thanks to: the assorted idiots at the Higan IRC channel, and the fine folks in the SCIProgramming.com community, particularly OmerMor, Troflip, and Cloudee1.

Last updated 2016-05-15

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