Frequently Asked Questions

What is wrong with you?
Plenty. Explaining the whole what and why of it would go far outside the scope of this section, nay, this very page.
But it’s sexist!
More like sexy. Seriously though, you can play either gender, with any of the common sexual orientations. It’s like the opposite of sexist.
Where’s the yiffin’ at?
If you mean “why is there so little to do when I fuck a character”… Data defiency, to coin a phrase. I hope to expand dong that part.
Can I just go around and brutally kill everything?
If you wish.
Why Visual Studio 2010 Express when you can use 2015 Community?
Because quite frankly I’ve no need for what it has to offer. To be entirely honest, Metro makes me feel ill. The rest is mostly syntactic sugar or stuff I simply have no need for.
Why C# though, instead of C++ or…
Because I like it.
But you can’t run C# on Li—
Shush. Shuuush. You can. I can’t guarantee it’ll run quite right, but I semi-regularly give it a whirl on a VM or two, and I can tell you right now it does run. Now take your FUD and eat it.
Is it true that you hacked the Roguelike of the Year poll to win?
It’s not. I didn’t do anything, and those who did acted on their own. Apparently someone felt ToME had mysteriously won by a landslide one time too often…
How easy is it to mod this? Can I, for example, remove the sex?
The game expects some kind of sexual interaction to be possible — you can’t remove the action entirely, but you can make it amount to nothing more than hugs. Patch i18n.tml to replace the “fuck him/her” action with “hug him/her” or whathaveyou, then patch sex.tml to remove the stripping and penetration. That oughta get you halfway through.
How do you fuck things?
First, the target needs to be willing. Second, both you and they must be aroused enough. The interaction menu will show the “fuck him/her” option at that time. You can also enable rape and bring an opponent to their knees to fuck them, but remember that this cuts both ways.
I grabbed the code from Github/Bitbucket and followed the instructions but it won’t build.
You might’ve caught it at a bad time when there’s a legitimate syntax error. You could try to fix it yourself, you could wait for me to realize I broke it, or you could contact me about it in some manner.

37 thoughts on “Frequently Asked Questions

  1. So first, why does the version in the screenshots look different, cus mine looks nothing like that and mine uses f1 not escape to go to the menu, and is there a way to access debug mode? i kinda enjoy breaking stuff for lulz sometimes so just wondering there.

    1. Probably just using an older version. I don’t tend to update the prebuilt binaries very often, but it’s pretty straightforward to build your own. The menu key can be defined by the player, as can they all. As for debug mode, that’s included in debug builds.

      1. ok, so is the there an updated version and a debug version somewhere? kinda new to this, happened to find it on accident and not really sure what all im doing lol, never messed with something like this before

          1. i see, gunna have to try my hand and figure this stuff out lol, thanks for the responses to the dumb questions lol

  2. also, maybe im retarded or somethin, but how in the hell do you edit that ini file, you might want to add that one to the info cus i havent the foggiest idea, not that i mess with this sorta stuff that often

    1. INI files are oldschool and super simple to edit. And Noxico’s is full of documentation (the lines with ; at the start) so unless you didn’t recognize the comment lines for what they are there really isn’t much I can do here.

      1. ok, how about this then, i have no idea what ini files really are, so, how do i prevent this from reverting old settings whenever i close it since i tried to find help, but basically i got the same thing over and over again. saving does not work, which clearly it doesnt but nobody bothers to tell how to get it to change the settings

        1. How about this: from the game, click “Open INI”. That should give you the file in an ordinary text editor. Leave that open, close the game, edit and save the file, and see if the changes took. What you can change is all listed in the lines starting with ;.

          Basic structure of an INI file:

          ; Comment line
          [Section 1]
          Setting A=value
          Setting B=another value

  3. I may be an idiot in not been able to fix this but when I try to build the game I get an error:
    InventoryItem.cs(434,222): error CS1026: ) expected [C:\Users\Bill\Downloads\Noxico-master\Noxico-master\Noxico.csproj]
    Sorry if this is a simple fix

    1. It is a simple fix. All you need is that one missing ) on the specified line. In fact, let me push a fix right now.

  4. Right, so if you thought the other idiot was bad, this ought to be a dozy. I really want to play your game, but there is only the pre-compiled on in the downloads which is from 2016. I’d like to the game as it is now, but the only way to do that is to build it from source. I have not a single damn clue how to build from source. I can download the repo, but now I’ve just got a fuckload of files that does fuck all so what do I do now? I’m guessing there is a specific program I need, but my google-fu doesn’t really get me anywhere. Can you please either make a new pre-compiled version or give a “baby’s first” guide?

    1. Probably could do it on Mono, since it’s been known to run on Mono as well. That’s all I can tell you though.

  5. The game crashes for me whenever I climax with the error: “Could not find a sex choice named “pleasure”. I’m assuming the game built wrong, but I can’t find a way to fix it.

    1. Like I told Buggy, this was my bad. The sex choice is named “climax” but I got overzealous.

  6. With the new build you’ve got in downloads there are a couple of things I’d like to tell, but you don’t really seem to have a place to give bug report, so I figured this will do. I noticed a couple of things from some very quick testing.
    First, player gender seems to be mismatched in the game. I created a basic human female, but the moment I’m dropped in the game, it says “Human, man” and I have a male icon next to the name at the bottom.
    Second, speaking of starting the game. There is a loss of function when you first start the game and you’re looking at the info dump of your characters looks. Clicking and pressing keys does nothing. Only fix is to exit the game and reload.
    Third, and probably the most scary one. The game will, err… rather explosively crash when either you or an NPC reaches an climax during sex leaving this report. Seems you’re missing a reference.

    Exception type: NullReferenceException
    Main message: Could not find a sex choice named “pleasure”.

    Stack trace:
    at Noxico.SexManager.GetResult(String id, Character actor, Character target)
    at Noxico.Character.UpdateSex()
    at Noxico.BoardChar.Update()
    at Noxico.Board.Update(Boolean active, Boolean surrounding)
    at Noxico.Player.EndTurn()
    at Noxico.Player.Update()
    at Noxico.Board.Update(Boolean active, Boolean surrounding)
    at Noxico.NoxicoGame.Update()
    at Noxico.MainForm.timer_Tick(Object sender, EventArgs e)

    Background info:
    Noxico 0.1.6
    Microsoft Windows NT 6.2.9200.0
    64-bit OS, 64-bit process.

    1. I’ve looked into the gender and crash things. One is a broken attempt to force the player’s preferred gender identity to appear, which was broken. The other was a miiildly overzealous replacement of stat names: “Climax” is now “Pleasure”, but the climax state should not have been replaced. This has now been fixed and I’ll take some time to look into the other thing.

  7. I get an error everytime i try to run the exe full game.
    I tried to download the Github too which the build wont work.

    Idk why or what to do.

    If i need any side program or anything to make this work i really would like to know since im completely lost.

    1. First thing to do is to not just say you get an error. I can’t help you unless you’re more specific. Is the error a visible message? If so, what does it say?

  8. Hey, mind posting a small thing going through controls. I pressed all the buttons on my computer and am still confused.

    1. Copied the controls from the Github repo’s README file to a new page on the blog for you.

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