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Posted on 10-16-13, 11:11 pm

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Alright so hopping around a few Löve2D projects and there are a couple of roguelikes made. But I was thinking... Why not come up with a starter kit to make things a little easier?!

So what I have decided is that I'm going to be pulling some elements from SQ to use for this. Here's what I have planned so far:

Keyboard module - keyboard.img. (Instead of directly using fonts, put the fonts into a tile sheet for easier manipulation). To call tile simply do keyboard[key-pressed]
Dice module - can take common RL dice strings (3d4+1) and convert them into dice rolls.
A few different FoV systems - raycasting, shadowcasting, etc.
Text wrapping with color!
Terrain generation - (heightmaps, dungeons, and more!)

Some other stuff I'm not so sure about?

Class system for mobs, items, etc.
Inventory systems?
Win conditions?

From seeing other projects, if you code things to specific then it's hard to use/modify. The more general something's purpose is (referring to code modules) the more things it can be adapted to.

Also I came up with a great name for this lib! The love community has a sense of humor when it comes to library names. (ANAL, Hump, Lube, etc.). And usually it's an acronym for something. I've decided to call this - RL-Virgin (starter kit for RLs!)


Posted on 10-17-13, 10:12 am
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I like it, even though I don't use Löve myself. Let's look at another such library, Rot.JS. What does that have to offer? According to Roguebasin:
• A random number generator. Given that Javascript has its own RNG already, perhaps an alternative to the common LCG such as a Mersenne Twister?
• Pathfinding, through Dijkstra mapping (Noxico does this) and A*.
• String formatting and interpolation.
• Simplex noise generation, probably also used by certain map generators.
• Different kinds of dungeon generators, such as cellular (like Noxico's caves) and mazes.
• Turn scheduling
• Hex tile support

I like your dice roll idea and may run with it.

I don't just program Noxico...
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