Video::StartFullScreen and Hotkey::CloseEmulator 
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 Video::StartFullScreen and Hotkey::CloseEmulator
I'm trying to locate these settings for use with the frontend, mGalaxy. Did the settings file or directory change for higan v103? Currently, I've mapped the Toggle Full Screen with the keyboard and when it's set to window mode, I have to press ALT + F4 to exit.

- To set the emulator to fullscreen:
Edit value in 'settings.cfg' file: Video::StartFullScreen = true

- To quit emulator using the ESC key:
Edit value in 'settings.cfg' file: Hotkey::CloseEmulator = "KB0::Esc"

2017-07-20 07:18
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 Re: Video::StartFullScreen and Hotkey::CloseEmulator
What version of higan were you using previously?

I believe for v103, you can start higan in full-screen mode by adding "--fullscreen" to the command-line, there's no config setting for it. I don't believe there is a "Close emulator" hotkey, other than Alt+F4 which you already found.

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