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MAME guis still suck part 2 
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 Re: MAME guis still suck part 2
Kakashi wrote:
neologix wrote:
Kakashi wrote:
I use QMC2. It irritates me that I can't have more than one rom directory assigned. And yes, the GUI is fairly messy and not the most responsive.

I used to used QMC2 on my Linux box and for some reason I keep thinking the roms directory option was semi-colon separated or something similar; am I misremembering that?

I'll have to remember that. Thanks!

Let me know how this goes, since my memory isn't what it used to be due to certain stressors in my personal life.

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2017-07-04 05:55

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 Re: MAME guis still suck part 2
FitzRoy wrote:
Ok, so I think I figured it out. There are settings to enable joystick (gamepad) and enable global. The mapping is automatic. The built-in GUI has actual key remapping, but QMC2 doesn't it appears. Furthermore, enabling joystick doesn't remap coin insertion or 1player selection to the gamepad. They remain keyboard functions.

In any case, hiroMAME would be a welcome addition to the front-end club, since there's apparently no minimalist option.

The joystick option just enables reading joystick inputs, it doesn't auto remap. In MAME's built in menu, just go to "Input (General)" and setup the basic button layout you want. That will apply to everything. Note that the general menu contains every generic input type MAME has, such as joystick/buttons, analog joysticks, spinners, pots, trackballs, etc. You can setup each type differently, and any machine using that type will automatically use the right setup. If your generic setup doesn't feel right for a particular machine, you can use "Input (this machine)" to override. Also, some games have unique inputs that do not appear in the general menu, so you must use the "this machine" menu.

2017-07-04 07:29
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