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The worst RGB mod work I've ever seen. 
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Post Re: The worst RGB mod work I've ever seen.
I guess nobody considered that the kit doesn't fit under the pcb when inserted into the pcb. You can all continue thinking that I relocated it out of pure enjoyment. The glue is indeed a mess and I've since found much neater ways of doing my work, and for that I'm sorry. From the beginning I've posted pictures of my work so I find it odd that customers didn't know what to expect when hiring me. Lately I'm using other ways to secure parts down such as zip ties and if I use hot glue I just try to dab with it and I certainly no longer use it on solder joints. I also now use a proper drill to make holes for av jacks. I made it very clear to the customer and in my posts that back then I was pretty terrible and nicely installing av jacks so again, this was no huge secret when I built that machine.

As the video shows, the system worked fine when the customer received it. If the picture is a little dark I would have been happy to remotely help the customer fix the issue but he started threatening me and demanding that I pay to ship the system back and forth for no reason.

I was indeed paranoid of things coming apart in the mail or from the misuse of the customer. This particular customer somehow managed to break off the audio toggle switch. From my memory I shipped the toggle switch embedded in a thick piece of foam and surrounded by bubble wrap so I'm fairly certain mail handling didn't break the switch. I never pretended to be a quality modder. All of my business came by people bugging to hire me after I posted what I pulled off on my personal systems. The reason why my price was so high was actually to slow down my business enough just so I could keep up with it.

If anyone is interested in my more recent work I've created a thread about it on my forum here:

I'm very willing to help a polite customer when something doesn't work right. When a customer starts demanding I pay for things that were never in the agreement and starts threatening me like this customer did I'd rather distance myself from that sort of person. I had to politely tell this customer I can't help him because he was arguing with me, demanding unnecessary things and threatening me when I told him what I wanted him to do to try and remotely figure out what was wrong. I've had many customers blame me from issues that later turned out that the problem wasn't how their system worked but it was in fact a problem with their cables and setup.

Fri 18 Jul 2014, 00:03:00

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Post Re: The worst RGB mod work I've ever seen.
On price, I'm more amenable to the argument that high costs are due to very low production counts.

Like, here is my USART v3:


I offered to make one for anyone who wanted it for $175. Any EE will scoff, "for a glorified connector adapter and a UART?!?!", but I broke down the pricing and my skill level here ( viewtopic.php?f=26&t=3189 ). Sure if you were selling hundreds you could get all of that stuff at cheaper bulk prices, or design it better with custom PCBs, but I've made two of them so far. And at 12 hours of my time per device, I'd be making half the federal minimum wage on them.

So saying you charge more simply to discourage buyers, while honest, probably isn't the best way to phrase it. People will take that as you ripping them off. Charging a lot does also make people think they're getting a super-premium product, no matter how honest you are with them in advance, but that's the buyer's fault if you explain it first.

As far as the customer (who I'm sure will register here in a few months as well :P), the Youtube video and pedantry was a dead giveaway of nightmare customer scenario. There's definitely a good reason I don't want to be an ISV or IHV with a product to sell, I've seen first-hand how shitty people can be about your work quality, even when you try and help them for free.


So this really all comes down to who is being honest. If you were fully upfront that the work would be amateur (not surface-mounting that adapter board, using lots of glue to secure things, haphazard video connector dremel work) simply because that was your skill level (no shame in that, I am an amateur at EE work too) and completely and utterly unwarranted and non-refundable, and the customer paid you anyway, then it's their fault. If they were promised a professional top-quality product guaranteed to work, then it's your fault.

Looking at your linked photos, and being perfectly honest, the only way I'd commission you to do something for me would be if it were something nobody else offered. Which in this line of work, is quite a lot of things, as it turns out.

Fri 18 Jul 2014, 02:14:15
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Post Re: The worst RGB mod work I've ever seen.
Drakon, I'm curious as to your explanation as to why Craigs aka "phonedork" on YT, why his AV Famicom had it's rear vent slightly melted. He's really not happy with you (can't blame him).

Not trying to start a flame war/troll/bait. I want to hear from you why that happened because AV Famicom don't grow on trees and $200 hurts to replace one.

Why does Link's uncles house have only one bed if they live together?

Fri 18 Jul 2014, 05:14:25

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Post Re: The worst RGB mod work I've ever seen.
vxbinaca wrote:
Drakon, I'm curious as to your explanation as to why Craigs aka "phonedork" on YT, why his AV Famicom had it's rear vent slightly melted. He's really not happy with you (can't blame him).

Not trying to start a flame war/troll/bait. I want to hear from you why that happened because AV Famicom don't grow on trees and $200 hurts to replace one.

Thank you for asking. I know you're not trying to start a flame war and I know you're a very cool guy. I always recommend your products because they're simply the best. I really think you should charge more for your fantastic work but I guess you're extremely generous. After reading the replies on this forum I can tell that many people here are very nice and intelligent people.

The back of the case melted because of an accident from a heater. Sometimes accidents happen. Now for what happened afterwards.

I didn't know how much it would cost just to replace a case so I offered phonedork a 80$ refund which he accepted happily. When I built the system I apologized many times for the damaged case and I never tried to hide it. Phonedork said his system wasn't working right when he received it, so I sent him the video of it working to show that it was working before I mailed it out. Phonedork took this as an insult, but didn't mention that at the time and acted like everything was fine. In a recent private message I explained to phonedork that I have had a lot of customers blame my work for their woes when it turned out that they didn't attach their systems properly and their systems had in fact worked just fine.

Skips was a modder who lived in the same city as phonedork so instead of having phonedork pay more money for shipping I asked skips if he'd be willing to help figure out what's wrong with the system and skips agreed. Skips got it working, they never specified what exactly the issue had been. The last message I got from phonedork was everything was working great, he was happy and he thanked me for the service.

Skips broke off contact with me shortly after and started his "drakon is pure evil" flaming. Without contacting me about how he felt, phonedork joined in and acted like he was some sort of a victim of all kinds of unfair treatment. Phonedork acted like I treated him like dirt. The reality is that I was perfectly friendly, polite, communicative and honest with phonedork and from his communication he was very happy with the service.

There are many customers out there who quietly harbor unhappy feelings about certain aspects of my service but never let me know how they feel when I'm working for them. If people don't politely tell me how they want the work done when the system is in my hands and it's possible for me to change something then it's very difficult to tailor the work for them. Everyone wants the work done differently. My most satisfied customers are the ones who were the most honest about how they felt and how they wanted the work done before anything was done. I've always been honest about what I can or can't do and I've had certain customers discuss work with me before hiring me and find out I'm not what they're looking for, this avoided a lot of unnecessary time and money being wasted.

Surprisingly even some of these people found a reason to hate me. By me telling customers what I can or can't do combined with the hate media about me they twisted it into "drakon wanted more money so he pretended like he could only do the more expensive mod". Sometimes I'd have to tell a customer that I can't do a certain requested mod because of insufficient data on how to perform the mod, or if the mod even works. I guess when a customer doesn't get what he wants he uses his or her imagination to come up with an evil-villain reason for why I said I couldn't perform the work.

I recently sent a private message to phonedork offering to refund him another 80$ for 160$ which was the going price for a full av famicom replacement at the time. Phonedork has yet to reply. I apologized again for some of the poor quality work and informed phonedork that I've since put in effort to change my work so it's less messy and easier to work with down the road. I again apologized for the damaged system case and some of the messy looking internal work. I also informed phonedork that I've added more obvious pictures of my work so customers know what to expect. I added to my information that no extra services are included in the purchase price. It seems some customers were expecting extra services that weren't mentioned anywhere in my terms of service.

Really there's not much a person can do if the customer tells you he's very happy with the service, thanks you, and then decides to trash your reputation anyway. This is exactly what happened with phonedork. I would have happily refunded phonedork more money if he had come to me and asked. I didn't read his post that he'd like more money back until recently because those hate threads were so full of blatant ignorance that there was no point in reading through those posts. Phonedork never put in effort to clear this mess up at any point. Phonedork communicated with me by private message when I worked for him so I know he's capable of using that system. As soon as the drakon hating began phonedork ignored all private messages most likely because he just wanted to make a public example of me.

Thank you byuu for understanding. Indeed my prices were higher because of low-run one-man custom work. At the time there was only a finite amount of playchoice and compatible ppu chips floating around. There wasn't much point in finding cheaper ways to do a very limited mod. Another reason why I raised my prices was so I could slow down the business and be able to keep up with it. My prices reflected the demand at the time. I've spent a lot of time and effort trying to explain to people the difference between small scale production and mass produced. It seems that people expect Chinese factory pricing for everything and whine when they don't get it. I never promised professional top quality looking work. What my work was about at the time was how good the image and sound quality were, not how nice the work inside of the system looked. The image and sound quality were demonstrated with direct av captures from the system posted on youtube so people would accurately know what to expect.

People attacked me as if they're trying to bring down some huge company like Sony. I'm a one-man team who truthfully made less money from this sort of work than I make doing other work. I've read a couple of posts where people talked about wanting to know where I live so they can come over and tamper with my belongings like it's a cool thing to do. People acted like I went out of my way to "destroy" people's hardware and they use this to justify wanting to damage my personal property. My work was completely generated by people hunting me down, asking to hire me and mailing me their hardware and belongings. A very high percentage of my customers didn't complain about what I did to their hardware, in fact I'd get new customers who were referrals from previous customers.

This craziness started roughly around a year ago, this is the first time anyone has asked for my side of the story. There are a lot of people out there who are very talented at generating ignorance and hate. These people are so talented that now I get complete strangers who've 100% made up their minds that I'm complete scum posting hate about me based on the existing hate media about myself and my work.

It's up to you people to decide your own opinions about me. I have customers who I've become personal friends with and even when commissions didn't go as planned we worked something out and remained friends.

I've found at least one post by Phonedork where he admits he didn't do his homework on me before deciding to hire me and he admits that this is his own fault.

I try to avoid generating hate and making people look bad. I don't feel the need to defend myself very much because then I might make the people who bash me and my work look bad, which I don't want to do. The last thing I'd want to do is become like those people and I try my best not to let them influence me.

Fri 18 Jul 2014, 14:50:55
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