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Hi everyone,
This is my first post and I hope you are all well.
Sorry if my 2 questions below are very very basic, I am not very computer literate but I am learning every day and trying very hard to improve. If anyone would be kind enough to shed some much needed light on my 2 questions below it would be so much appreciated.
I have not long been using bsnesv115, it's incredible!

Q1 - Is it O.K. to create a folder and label it "Games" in the bsnes software folder so I can keep all my games together in the same place with the software? Or should I keep my games saved in a folder separately in a different location to the software folder? Could it cause the software problems?

Q2 – From what I can see once bsnes v115 is unzipped it doesn’t have an installation file so I can’t or rather it doesn’t need to be installed is this right? Where do you more experienced people recommend I keep the software folder? Or can I basically put it anywhere I want and to run it just pin it to my start menu or create a short cut etc?

I can’t thank anyone enough who kindly takes the time to help me with my very basic questions.
All the very best and thank you.
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Dear Screwtape,

Thank you so much for kindly taking the time to help me, I really do appreciate it. I have been searching with Google and YouTube but I really struggle with computers but am trying to get better as they are so important. I was scared of messing things up to be honest.
I am going to do what you suggest.
I am going to create a “Super Nintendo” Folder and put my “bsnes” folder and “Games” folder in there together side by side.
I keep all my games in their own folder (game rom and the game manual) because I have noticed when you play a game bsnes creates .srm files and if I use save states / state manager it creates a .bsz file so at least everything linked to each game is kept together in its own folder nice and tidy. I will place all my individual game folders in my “Games” folder.

Is this thinking alright?

You say I can put my “Super Nintendo” folder containing “bsnes” and “games” folders anywhere I want. I was originally thinking of putting it in my C: Drive program files (x86) folder because I thought that was a good secure place but from what you say there might not be a need and I could just leave it in my documents. I can still pin the bsnes application onto my start menu for easy access either way.

Where would you personally put the Super Nintendo folder Screwtape?

I can’t thank you enough 😊
The snes was a huge part of my childhood and bsnes is bringing all those memories flooding back especially Super Mario World!!
All the very best and thank you again.

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Hi Tomman,
Thank you very much as well for your great advice and taking the time to help out a newbee 😊.
O.K. I will not put my” Super Nintendo” folder containing “bsnes” folder and “Games” folder” in the program files (x86) folder as you advise, thank you Tomman.
My internal HDD is partitioned.

(C:) partition (130GB) for windows 10 and programs (100GB of free space)
(S:) Data partition (370GB) for data (120GB of free space).

So originally I was going to put my “Super Nintendo” folder containing the “bsnes” folder and “Games” folder as helpfully described by Screwtape somewhere on my (C:) partition but (not in programs files (x86) now I know better). But from what you are saying I could actually put my “Super Nintendo” folder somewhere on my (S:) data partition and keep it well away from my (C:) drive partition entirely.
I thought it may run better if bsnes and the games where on my (C:) drive partition where windows is? But is that actually not the case, I haven’t got a clue about these things.

May I ask one more thing Tomman and Screwtape so I know for the future.
If I need to remove my current version of bsnes like for example if I download a newer version what is the correct way to properly remove the current version of bsnes?
I see it can’t be uninstalled because it was never installed as Screwtape kindly pointed out to me, so do I just delete the folder and delete all the .srm & .bsz files it creates in my games folders?
Or do I have to do something else like using “run dialogue” to find and remove bsnes configuration files like with higan? Appreciate they are both very different programs. I don’tn use higan I just use bsnes as I only have snes games.

Anyway, thank you Tomman and thank you Screwtape you really are giving me so much help and helping prevent me doing the wrong thing it really is so much appreciated.

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Hi Captainjistuce,
Thank you too!! I am getting so much help this is such a friendly place.
O.k I understand what you have said about deleting and it is great to know it is a simple procedure.
Thank you for explaining about the .srm and .bsz files.
I have copied and pasted all the replies I have got for reference.
Thank you Captainjistuce !!

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Thank you very much Screwtape, once again !!! :)
Things are so much clearer for me now because of you, Tommman and Captainjistuce.
I can't thank you all enough.
I am off now to play some Super Mario World even though I am rubbish at it, it's a masterpiece!!!
I am using an original snes controller with a Raphnet snes to usb adaptor for my computer it's incredible!! it's just like being a kid again!!!

Take care and thank you so much again everyone.
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Hope he is o.k and taking lots of breaks to rest his mind and his hands that are causing him problems.
The lockdown hasn't helped matters. He must try and make sure he gets lots of natural light and fresh air as best as he can.
I really hope things get better for him.
My thoughts are with him.
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Very sad news. Thanks for the links. I just don't understand why the hell this happened. Byuu/Near gave so much of his time and spent a large amount of money from his own pocket to benefit the emulation community as a whole and this is how he is repaid. I don't blame him at all to be honest. I just hope he keeps healthy and is happy.

From what I understand his emulators were always free, how can people hate?

What's the world coming to.

I am so pleased in the past when I first discovered bsnes I wrote to him to express my gratitude and donated as a thank you. I think donating to the creator/s of free software if you use it a lot and love it just makes perfect sense, it's not because you are a really good person it's just what should happen. How much would bsnes and Higan cost if you had to buy them?

I hope he knows that it was just the minority and a few bad apples that hated on him as I am sure most of the emulation community are so grateful and think the absolute world of him.

I love bsnes v115 !!! Thank you so much Byuu and if you read this please take very good care of yourself and I hope your life takes a wonderful new direction bringing you so much joy and happiness, you deserve it.
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