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See all the Noxico content.

The following content was copied from Roguebasin.

Noxico is one of the first large-scale erotic roguelikes. It features an expansive overworld to explore, presented in glorious full color Unicode. It comes with a full soundtrack courtesy of ModArchive and is designed to be easily user-expansible.


As a hero sent to find a portal to the Demon World and close it, you wander the wilderness of Nox, visit its various towns, and explore its dungeons.

On the overworld, you can freely move from screen to screen to explore. In towns, you can mingle with the many colorful villagers, learn what they know, and if you feel like it, have sex with them. Between towns is the wilderness, where less amiable beings roam. You might also find a dungeon entrance, or some other special area...

Dungeons are generated upon first entry, and play more like classic Roguelikes would. Somewhere there's a special, probably unique item that you could make good use of.

Morphic unstability

Where the world generation and expansive overworld are inspired by Dwarf Fortress, one aspect in particular is specifically based on Corruption of Champions: you can change your character's body, both at will and involuntarily. Certain items, when used, will shift your physical appearance towards some goal, along with certain statistics. As the game's site says, "you want to be a little pony with a fox tail and demon wings? You damn well can."

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On July 29, Noxico version 0.1.7 was shortly reviewed on a Polish Roguelike portal site, Rogalikator:

Noxico to pornograficzny rogalik, w którym jeszcze nie ma żadnych pornograficznych elementów (mają pojawić się w przyszłości, gdy twórca gry znajdzie kogoś, kto zechce je dla niego napisać). Jeśli ktoś zawsze zastanawiał się, dlaczego nikt nie zrobił dotąd pornograficznego rogalika, to z pewnością znajdzie odpowiedź na to pytanie ściągając Noxico. Pozostałym nie radzę.

Or, according to Google Translate:

Noxico a pornographic croissant, which still does not have any pornographic items (to appear in the future when the game developer finds someone who wants to write it for him). If anyone ever wondered why nobody did before porn croissant, you will certainly find the answer to this question Noxico downloading.I do not advise the other.

Just for that, Kawa has added a minor healing item to the game. It's a croissant with a description in GoTran-Polish: "Smaczne, ale nie bardzo napełniania."

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